900,000 pulses of hair removal device painless

Color: Pink
Model: EU
Prix réduit€99,25


Inface 900000 Flash IPL Laser Epilator Household Permanent Painless Epilator Whole Body Epilator


*Unlimited IPL 900,000 pulse flash;
*Five gear settings, more precise power;
* Whole body depilatory; legs, armpits, bikini, arms, lips, forehead villi.
*Two flash modes: large area auto flash mode; small area manual flash model


1. Easily remove hair and keep skin clean and dry
2. Put on the glasses, connect the power adapter, press and hold to turn on the power
3. Adjust the appropriate gear according to the light intensity meter
4. Close the product perpendicular to the skin; short press the button to start mild hair removal

5. Set the appropriate mode (manual/auto mode) and move to remove hair

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