Baofeng Uv-5R Three Segment Walkie Talkie Vhf 220-226Mhz Uhf Frequency Dual Antenna Walkie Talkie Civil Handpiece

Color: Black
power: US
Prix réduit$45.83


Product features:
Frequency range: 137-174 400-520 220-260 (MHz)
RF output power: 5 (W)
Number of channels: 128
Theoretical communication distance: 10 (km)
Working voltage: 7.4 (V)
Frequency stability: 2.5 (PPM)
Battery type: lithium battery
Theoretical life of battery: 1000 (H)
Monitoring function: Yes
Overall dimension: 11 (mm)
Communication type: non pluggable card

Logistics list: 

walkie talkie * 1

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