Beauty Instrument

Color: Black
Prix réduit€52,51


Color: pearl white, classic black
Specifications: English manual, Chinese and English manual
1. Alternate skin care by hot and cold, improve skin contraction and soothing power, and improve skin elasticity.
2. Lymphatic detoxification
3. Acoustic vibration helps the skin to open the gap between cells and cells, enhance cell vitality, accelerate metabolism, export harmful substances, introduce the nutrients needed by the skin, and let each cell of the skin move and maintain a young state.
4. Thermal effect: 41°C, 43°C, 45°C The third-grade thermal temperature penetrates into the skin, rejuvenates the skin, enhances skin elasticity, improves skin tone, and is full of suppleness.

5. Ice effect: 10°C, 8°C, 6°C three-speed ice experience, let the skin restore balance and maintain vitality.

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