Compatible with Apple , Wireless Bluetooth connection mobile phone screen

Color: Black
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Non-Apple branded products,Compatible with iPhone models

With mirror function + voice function + wireless function An Zhuo car, Android phone does not support wireless function

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Voice command:
- Support Siri / Music / Card / Phone / Message / Audiobook.
-Siri feature will help you call pink or one of your friends.
- Please note that the speed of operation of our equipment depends on the speed of the phone ios.
Touch screen and HD display:
- Directly control and view the phone on the car navigation screen using a USB cable.
Hands-free safe driving:
- Switch/receive calls, check voicemails, text messages and display cards.
- Listen to your favorite songs using iTunes, Apple Music or a hands-free app.
How to install APK?
APK: Http: // / AutoKit / AutoKit.apk
1. Install the product apk on your Android host.
2. Insert the product into the USB port of the Android host.
3. Then, connect the original USB cable from your phone to the USB port of the product.
4. The car radio will enter the CarPlay interface.
Colour: Black
Optional: Built-in microphone
material: plastic
Navigation player: Andriod 4.2 or higher
Mobile: iPhone iOS 7.1 and higher; Android Phone 5.1 and higher.
The package includes:
1 Wireless CarPlay USB dongle
1 X User Manual


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