Electric Brushless Nail Polisher For Nail Removal And Polishing

Color: White
power: EU
Prix réduit€118,83


Product information:
Model: 289 Charging Grinding Machine
Nail product category: Manicure, exfoliating and removing nails
Specifications: European round plug 100-240v-black, American flat plug 100-240v-black (available in China), European round plug 100-240v-white, American flat plug 100-240v-white (available domestically)
Color: black, white
Power: 8ow
Speed: 0-40000 rpm
Gross weight per unit: 690g
Power supply: 100-240V 50/60Hz
Color: black, white
Packing: color box + pearl cotton
Battery capacity: 2600mAH rechargeable
Battery life: 2.5H full charge, battery life about 8H

Size Information:


Body x1 Polishing head x6 English manual x1 Charger x1 Packing box x1 x1

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