Electric massager vibration gun

Color: Flagship
Style: EU
Prix réduit€124,90


Name: Professional treatment vibration massager
Material: PA (polyamide) + nylon
Noise: 45 decibels
Vibration: 3200R / min

Standard mode V editing:
Capacity battery: 36.75wh
Power: 18-95 w ^
Frequency: 25 Hz 36 Hz 46 Hz
Number of transmissions: 3
Torque range: 0-5.1 kg / cm
Shelf life: about 1-5 hours

Upgraded version:
Battery capacity: 48.24wh
Power: 15-160 W
Frequency: 20 hz 26 hz 36 hz 46 hz 53 hz
Number of gears: 5
Torque range: 0-7.5 kg / cm
Life expectancy: about 1.5-6 hours

- low noise, high frequency adjustable
Reduced stiffness and muscle pain and improved blood circulation
- Increase the range of activities and improve the health of your body's soft tissues
- Various speed settings to 3200 pens per minute and 5 interchangeable head accessories are provided
-A sweet massage head provides a comfortable massage experience while reducing bone damage
- Smart 10 minute sync, 60 seconds smart power off



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