Eye bags to remove fine lines

Color: Emerald green
Model: USB
Prix réduit€81,62


Color classification: gem green
Gear position: 3 gears
Applicable scene: home

Battery capacity: 530mAh 3.7V product
Size: 121 * 26 * 15.7mm
Main material: ABS/PC/24K gold plated
Battery battery capacity
: 530mAh RF frequency: 160KHZ
Selling point:
1. Multi-level radio frequency radio frequency deep coverage, three-level adjustment: low energy blue light, absorption and absorption of deep nutrients; red light energy, activate cell vitality, increase skin elasticity; high-energy red and blue light, remove eye bags, tighten and tighten Reduce wrinkles<br /> 2. EMS removes eye bags, goes deep into the SMAS layer around the eyes, and exercises deep expression muscles
3. The radio frequency energy directly reaches the dermis, stimulates collagen regeneration, and locks the dermis to target collagen cells
. 4. Cracking the skin’s youth code, plating 24k gold lead head, releasing ion gold can delay skin aging

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