Game Console Multi-function Charging And Cooling Base Bracket PS5 Handle

Color: White
Prix réduit€35,16


Product information:
1. Designed for PS5 digital version and CD-ROM version host.
2. There are 3 USB HUBs, which expand USB functions and are easy to use.
3. There are 2 console chargers with 2 handles, and 2 PS5 handles can be charged with the console at the same time.
4. With handle charging indicator function, red light when charging, green light after full charge.
5. With a fan switch, it can quickly and effectively dissipate heat to the PS5 host.
6. Electrical parameters: Input DC 2A, output 0.5~1A.
Packing size: 19.5*34.5*4.5cm
Package weight: 540g

Packing list::
Charging base X1

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