GBASP burning card

Color: Brown
Prix réduit€56,89


Material; high quality
Function; play games
Applicable age group; 15
Model: EZO
Applicable scene: GBA

1. GBA game copy can be played without client patching
2. Built-in high-speed patch engine, the game is loaded instantly; another manual patch engine, compatible with various modified ROM files
3. Original hardware archive direct storage SD card, no battery save archive
Gold finger
5. Instant Archive
6. Real clock
7. Additional function hotkeys can be customized
8. 256Mb high speed PSRAM, load instantly, play all games
9. 512Mb high-speed Norflash storage is included, saving frequently played games
10. GB/GBC/NES game copy to SD card can be played directly, no need to bundle the package simulator
11. The chip has a built-in security recovery mode to ensure that the brush does not die.
12. Support FAT16/FAT32/EXFAT, 2GB-128GB SD card
13. The cassette master firmware and kernel can be upgraded

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