Hair removal device

Model: EU Plug
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Product name: Laser hair removal device
Model: A-2988
Exposure times: 100,000 times
Light source: IPL strong pulsed light
Energy gear adjustment: 5 gear adjustment
Wavelength: 475-1200nm
Flash duration: 500-800 microseconds
Dimensions: 135x55x40mm
Usage: plug-in use

• IPL uses light pulses in the 420~1,200 nm area of visible light to act on the melanin of the hair follicle, destroying the growth point of the hair follicle to achieve hair removal. 

 • IPL's light energy activates collagen and excludes melanin, which is effective for body weight in melanin concentration

 • Recommended period of use: 2~3 times per week, continuous use 4~6 times (about 2 weeks or more) 

 IPL laser pulse hand-held hair removal device---design

 • Stylish look with two-tone contrast • Design without loss of nature 

 • Combines beautiful curves 

 • The lamp body is integrated to ensure stability  

 IPL laser pulse hand-held hair removal device---function 

 • Convenient for softening while depilating

 • Reasonable design of life and window without sacrificing efficacy  

 IPL laser pulse hand-held hair removal device --- safety

 • Use a safety sensor to illuminate the skin

 • Equipped with temperature sensor (70°C exceeded) to prevent the instrument from overheating

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