Importer hot and cold beauty equipment

Color: White
Prix réduit€57,71


Style: Vibrating
Function: RF EMS Cold heat Vibration Red light Blue light with quilted ring, negative ion, positive ion gear position 5 or more
Color classification:white, pink, gold
Working mode:vibration + color + RF
Specifications: 191*52MM
Smart reminder: 3 minutes to switch to the next mode 2 minutes standby
Five modes:RF+vibration+ion export RF+vibration+ion import RF+EMS pull RF+red light blue+cold

Tong Yanyi product features:

1. Five modes: deep cleansing, introduction mode muscle bottom nourishment, three-dimensional lifting EMS, red light muscle live regeneration, ice soothing and soothing

2. High-pulse puncture quickly reaches the dermis without loss of nutrition and continues to be effective. Ion vibration is derived, deep cleaning leads to grease dirt, keeping pores dry and clear. Ion shock introduction, deep into the muscle base, reduce the loss effect double, strengthen the muscle bottom

3. High RF waves penetrate the dermis layer. Reshape the young, special ring RF care head to effectively control the heat. Cover the skin extensively.

4. The makeup remover card is covered with a cotton pad. With the heat function, the face is cleaned and the skin is cleaned more thoroughly.




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