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Knee surgery cover electric massage instrument - Abid
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Knee surgery cover electric massage instrument

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Knee joint therapy, the main functions are vibration massage, hot compress therapy, timing function,

1. Safety 12V safe voltage, use worry-free
2. Fixed-point therapy The sports kneepad is tightly fixed on the knee to lock the heat away.
3. Massage The built-in motor vibration massage stretches the muscles and muscles.
4. Aibao physiotherapy wormwood has the function of warming meridians, qi and activating blood circulation, dampness and coldness, and swelling and antiseptic.
5. Hot compress has the function of dilating blood vessels, promoting local metabolism, relieving muscle spasm, promoting inflammation and absorption of blood stasis;
6. Timing It can be set in 10 minutes, 20 minutes, 30 minutes.
7. Temperature adjustment The high temperature, medium temperature and low temperature can be switched at will.
8. Intelligent design You can apply only one knee or just use vibration or heat.

Major improvements: rheumatic soreness, muscle soreness, tension, old cold legs, discomfort after exercise, etc.


1. Attach the belt to your knees (you can only attach one main knee pad as needed)
2. Connect the main knee and the secondary knee with a connecting wire. (only one knee pad is attached without this operation)
3. Plug the DC head of the USB cable into the main lap, and connect the USB head to the transformer.
4. Place the transformer plug on the power outlet.
5. Long press for 1 second to boot
6. Kneepad will automatically select high temperature hot compress, and automatically timed for 10 minutes, can be switched as needed.
7. If you want to massage, press the vibration button.
8. After setting the time, the knee pads will automatically shut down and can be restarted as needed.


The massage time should not be too long, so the human body feels and the general experience of 30 minutes is good.
It is best to use a layer of clothing when hot, and the use time should not be too long to avoid burns.
Please select the hot pack temperature according to your needs and local temperature.

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