KS16 Music Spectrum Fantasy Crystal Sound Column

power: USB
Prix réduit$51.67


Product information:

1. The 16-segment sound column design is adopted, and the length and width of the plexiglass are reasonable (the golden ratio is designed, the sides are longer than the front), so that the plexiglass can produce a gorgeous and soft visual effect on the light refraction. The height of the KS16 design is also the most conducive to placement

2. KS16 uses 1T single-chip microcomputer to collect signals at high speed and respond accurately

3. 8 classic modes, button control, with power-down memory

4. 7-level gain setting, long press the button to set

5. The left and right channels can be set by buttons

6. The new version uses fog-like frosted LED, the color is soft and not dazzling

7. Red, yellow, green, blue, orange and pink, 6 color combinations determined by many experiments, excessively natural

8. Adopting white PCB design, white has a good reflection effect on light, which can make the overall color more uniform and gorgeous

9. Due to the high density and heavy weight of plexiglass, 304 stainless steel screw is used as the gravity support of the sound column, and each layer of stainless steel nuts is fixed to ensure that the plexiglass is level, not tilted, and not shaken, strong and durable (pirated products are directly used PCB is used to fix the bulky plexiglass. It cannot be guaranteed that the glass will not tilt, and the PCB will bend, it is easy to fall apart, and I can’t bear to look directly at it from the back. Our KS16 is surrounded by arc plexiglass, and the back can also reflect the LED light)

10. Adopting the design of PCB embedded plexiglass, the front and rear of the product are all the same arc, so that the overall appearance and feel are very good, and the refraction effect can be seen at the rear

11. Adopt rear-mounted input, which is convenient for placement without affecting the positive visual effect

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