Laser Distance Meter Laser Rangefinder Monocular Telescope

Model: 1500m Ranging Measurement
Prix réduit€109,50


This product is a kind of portable photoelectric equipment, which can be used to measure the position distance, position height, viewing angle, and moving speed of static objects within a certain range. It has the advantages of high precision, short measurement time, low power consumption, and automatic shutdown. And can grasp flagpole and other small targets in a complex environment.
·Functional mode classification
LR is a series of symbols, P represents an ordinary type, with four functional modes of ranging + fog day + speed measurement + flagpole locking.
LR is a series of symbols, H represents luxury, with five functional modes of ranging + fog day + speed + angle + height measurement.
·Measurement range (600-1500m)
Lr600p indicates that the farthest measurement range of the product is 600m, lr900p indicates that the farthest side range is 900m, and so on.
·After sales service: after receiving the product, please check it carefully. If you find any quality problem, you can contact customer service in time.
Suitable for people: all golf and outdoor sports enthusiasts
Applicable industries: golf, outdoor, construction, power, forestry, water conservancy, transportation, environmental protection, agriculture, and other industries.

Measuring Range:5-600m/5-900m/5-1200m/5-1500m
Measuring Accuracy: ±1m
Battery:2 * AAA (Battery Not included)
Measuring Units: M/Yd
Unit weight: 171g / set

Package Content
Laser Rangefinder*1

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