LED manicure light therapy machine

Color: Black white
Model: US
Prix réduit€51,09


Power: 120w
Function: curing/nail polish/QQ glue/Barbie Kodak etc.
Specifications: 307*207*1 1 2mm
color: White
Performance: 10s/30s/60s/99s timing function
Application places: nail salon, beauty club, beauty salon, nail shop, nail school


The use of LED lights, energy saving, low cost, not hot, long life, easy to carry and other advantages.

*Scope of use

LED light is suitable for all phototherapy adhesives for nail art

Product use: All nail polishes such as UV phototherapy glue, extension glue, LED nail polish, etc.

Product features: The sun lamp can be used to dry nail polish faster, without hurting your hands, saving electricity and being durable.

Product size: 307mm width: 207mm height:: 112mm
Manual measurement may have an error of 1mm-2mm!

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