Safety laser goggles

Color: Black
Prix réduit$53.63


Laser protective safety glasses

Wavelength 532nm laser protection attenuation rate reaches 1 million times ←

Protective glasses are made of plexiglass imported from Europe and the United States

Colour: Black

Protection laser: YAG laser, laser cutting machine, marking machine, laser beauty instrument
Protection band OD value: 200-532nm O.D 6+
Light transmittance: 50%
Target wavelength: 200nm 261nm 266nm 303nm 320nm 349nm 351nm 355nm 360nm 375nm 395nm 397nm 400nm 405nm 410nm 415nm 435nm 440nm 442nm 445nm 447nm 450nm 454nm 457nm 460nm 462nm 465nm 473nm 480nm 488nm 491nm 501nm 522nm 522nm

Fast light response-high attenuation rate-no scratch protection

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