Three-in-one nail machine

Color: EU
Prix réduit€65,00


Power: 72W
Product size: 334*255*106mm
Rated output: 100-240VAC 50/60Hz
Rated input: 12V 5A
Multifunctional machine: nail polisher/nail vacuum cleaner/nail phototherapy machine/
⒈Intelligent phototherapy: 36 UV/LED dual light source lamp beads, 10S 30S 60S 99S multi-level timing, LCD digital display can be dried UV phototherapy glue, extension glue, temperature change glue, reinforcement glue, cat eye glue and other nail polish glues.
⒉Grinding handle: 25000 revolutions per minute Steplessly variable speed knob Forward/reverse rotation direction can be switched at will. The nail remover is clean and not hot.
⒊Nail vacuum cleaner: strong wind suction, adjustable speed wind knob, bottom heat dissipation design, prolong the service life of the machine, and easy to clean. (Free dust bag)

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