Triopo TR-586EX Wireless Mode TTL Flash Speedlite forEOS 70D 6D YN-565EX/Nikon D5300 D7100 D80

Model: For Nikon
Prix réduit$62.19


GN56(ISO100 180mm)

1.TTL flash

2.Manual flash

3.Multi flash

4.Wireless slave unit function:Compatibility with the Canon and Nikon

wireless flash system,realize TTL from machine,manual and frequency flash

5.S1.S2 Light flashing mode

6.FEB flash,E-compensation,Auto Exposure Lock(FEL/FV)

6.Flash control by Camera (Only for the newest Canon Version)

7.Rear-curtain Sync

8.Voice prompt

9.Custom function

10.Power save mode

11.Overheating protection

12.Automatic save function

13.Large size LCD display

14.Manual,Auto zoom function(18-180mm)

15.Quick response:Full output recycle time only 2.9 seconds

16.Support high speed continuous shooting:In 1/16 brightness and blew,It

can support 12EPS high speed continuous shooting.

17.Support red-eye reductin flash mode

18.Raster AF assist lamp

19.Built-in wide panel & bounce card


Circuit design:Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor(IGBT)

Flash index:56(ISO100,180mm)

Flash coverrage:18~180mm

Manual,Automatie Zoom

Swinging/Tilting flash head (bounce flash)

The wirelss trigger: Wireless  induction flash lighting

The wireless cited flash distance:Indoor 20-30 meters,

Outdoor 10-15 meters

Up and down whirl angle degree:-7~90degree

Left and right whirl angle degree:0~180degree

Slave Group and Unit:4 Slave lommunication channels (1,2,3,4)

3 Slave unit group(A,B,C)

Colour temperature:5500K

Flash time:1/200 seconds ~1/20000 seconds

Flash control:1/128~1/1 step length is 0.3EV,Total 22 fine -tuning stalls.

Peripheral interface:Hot shoe,PC mount,External charge mount

Power:4pcs AA alkaline cell or AA Nickel-Hydrogen(NI-MH) battery

Lighting time:100~1500 times

Additional function:PC synchronous,Sniff mode,Over temperature prot-ection


Net Weight:375g


Protect bag:1 pcs

Mini stand:1pcs


Instrucation manual:1pcs

Package Including:

speed light

Protect (1)

Protect bag(1)

Mini stand (1)

Instrucation manual(1)

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