Ventilation Radiator for Laptop

default-variant: Ventilation Radiator for Laptop
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1. By adopting self developed technology of noisevacant and split guide, this product puts an end to high-frequency noise by reducing45% of infrasound.

2.Self-developed second generation dual hydraulic bearing fan makes the power of suction and windis as 1.3 times strong as traditional fans, while the volume of noise is 24%lower. Therefore, this product makes stronger wind with lower vibration underthe same voltage and electric current.

3. Using fire-resistant material ABS+POM as outercover enables the product can work in the temperature of 65 Celsius to 90 Celsiusfor long time.

4.Prisice control of power is ensured by coordinationof two chips installed in.

5.Prodcution of CFSRO(x) series can detectthe temperature, discharge the heat and memorize automatically. 

Package included

1 x USB cooler

1 x User Manual

1 x USB cable

1 xPower adapter

4 x Rubber gasket

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