Wireless Bluetooth gamepad

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Product specification description:
1, working voltage: DC3.7V-4.2V
2, working current: 20-30mA
3, continuous use: 6-8H
4, sleep current: <80uA
5, charging voltage / current: DC5V / 1A
6, Bluetooth transmission distance: ≤ 8M
7, battery capacity: 500mAh
8, standby time: full power placed for about 3 months
9, with a 2 meter long TYPE-C data line
Product function description:
1. Features:

    The handle is supported by Bluetooth connection: Switch host; Android mobile phone, TV, box and other Android Bluetooth devices; Windows (PC); PS3;

Each platform is implemented by a combination of buttons.

    The handle is supported by USB cable: Switch, PS3, XINPUT (PC360), DINPUT function.

    The handle supports Android via 2.4G receiver (Dongle) (for devices without Android Bluetooth, it can automatically recognize the platform without switching), XINPUT (PC360), DINPUT (PC) function; (Note: 2.4G receiver (Dongle) needs Also purchased, non-standard)


2, the function description

     SWITCH function: The handle is connected to the SWITCH host, which can control the corresponding SWITCH game and support six-axis, motor vibration function.

     Android function: The handle is connected to an Android phone or tablet, Android TV, and can control Android games that support the handle.

(Support grape game hall, Octopus game hall, left game hall, new game hall)

     Windows (PC) function: The handle is connected to the PC to realize the XINPUT and DINPUT functions; in the PC mode, the power-on default is

XINPUT mode, does not save the last power-on state, plug and play, the PC automatically installs the driver.

     PS3 function: Connect to the PS3 main unit through the handle, standard control of the corresponding PS3 game, support true six-axis, motor vibration function.


The product is color box packaging, list: handle *1 + data line *1 + manual * 1 + packaging * 1

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